Why Teachers NEED to play March Madness in the Classroom:

Why Teachers NEED to play March Madness in the Classroom: 

Nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. 

Teachers all around the world do what they do to make positive impacts on the students they have in their classrooms year after year. 

Let me take you back…it’s 2009 Senior Year @Evergreen HS, myself and many others have requested to work in the computer lab or the photography room. 


Because it’s March BABY! And we are all tuning is for the madness. 

March Madness not only creates CHAOS on the court but in the classroom as well! 

Students find ways to stream the games or simply skip class to do so…that’s the reality whether teachers accept it or not. 

Why not seize the moment to create a nostalgic moment for these students that they will remember forever. Be the HERO that these students need. And give the people what they want!!! 

Countless times teachers put on mind-numbing videos that students tune out or provide busy work to eat away the time in the classroom.  

So…why not stream the games in the classroom, provide an assignment or busy work and let the students enjoy a few days in March. It’s not hurting anyone and in my personal experience when a teacher has allowed this I got more work done! 

Yup, it’s true. I was so focused on getting the work done, I buzzed right through it. Turned it in and enjoyed the games for the rest of class!!! [I will add that all the work was done correctly, receiving 100%] why do I remember these details?  

Well because it was a NOSTALGIC MOMENT that I will never forget, a teacher I will never forget for he understood my obsession with Sports and my NEED to watch the utter Chaos that is March Madness. 


Be the Hero we NEED…do the right thing…Stream the Games and live on to be a Legend! 

Tyson C

Tyson C

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