Tommy Boy is BACK!!! Can Tom Brady go out with a championship?

Tommy Boy is BACK!!!

Well, that didn’t take long at all…I think we all knew Tom never wanted to actually retire and certainly not loseing the way he did in the playoffs. If he EVER goes out it will be after winning it ALL. But the Bucs fell short, was it the distraction of whether Bruce Arians was forcing Antonio Brown to play with an injury?

Prompting him to walk out on the field mid-game and pull his uniform off and throw it to the crowd as he refused to enter the game.

Yeah, that happened…just before the playoffs began. A player that Tom advocated for and brought to Tampa…was that DRAMA that kept the team from repeating as CHAMPS!

All that aside, Tommy Boy is back…but will the disfunction that existed at the end of last season continue? Have the Bucs been able to maintain a competitive team through the early goings of Free Agency?

Lots of questions but one answer…Tom brings in WINNERS, it is likely they will pick up a savvy vet here and there…maybe a young talent waiting for his moment. But Tom will attract talent and we must not forget that Tom still has his #1 running mate in Rob Gronkowski…Tom & Gronk is a DANGEROUS combo as we have seen. Will it be enough?

Tyson C

Tyson C

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