Kennedy Wilcox #1 in State heading into State

It is not often you hear that a #1 ranked athlete would change weight classes at the end of the season purely to avoid the #2 ranked athlete in state. That is exactly what happened to Kennedy Wilcox of Prairie HS. After a slight slip up in a match she was completely dominating Kennedy lost early on in the year, since then she has been perfect. Running through the competition and getting first round pins left and right. Resulting in her winning various awards, winning the Clark County tournament, Districts, and Regionals. Now she is headed to take care of business as state.

Number #1 ranked Bianca Johnson of Moses Lake HS eventually moved weight classes to avoid facing Kennedy in State. Even with an undefeated record she understood what a threat the local wrestling standout would be to her and her chances of winning state. No knock to Bianca but it is very apparent that Kennedy Wilcox is not someone you want to see lined up on the other side of the mat.

Her father and wrestling coach Jake Wilcox talked with us, stating that he knew Kennedy would be good but even he is impressed and blown away with the leap she has taken this year. Coming from such an experienced coach as Mr. Wilcox is would be big praise for anyone. And he meant every word of it, without bias. When you watch him coach he is calm, cool and collected. He’s not a coach that is out of his chair screaming at his athletes, but the opposite picking his times to give advice while analyzing the match. This father-daughter duo are on a path to a State title, after that they are onto Fargo to compete at the National level. There is no doubt that this family name will be one to remember.

Tyson C

Tyson C

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